Avanti Fondant Modelling Tools

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Avanti Fondant Modelling Tools


The set comprise the following 8 double ended sculpting tools:

  • BONE TOOL: used to smooth curves and to cup and frill the edge of petals,leaves in flower making. Simply position the tool on the edge of the paste and smooth round to thin and shape the paste.The smaller end gives a frillier effect while the larger end gives a safe and gentle flounce.
  • BLADE AND SHELL TOOL: the blade end is used to cut and shape as well as marking straight edges. the shell end is used to emboss a shell pattern and decorative borders around cake and covered cake boards,as well as variety of modelling jobs including shells and the feet for modelled animals.
  • BALL TOOL: used to make round indentations and smooth small surface and curves in modelling and cup and frill petals in flower making. the larger size gives a softer larger cupping shape while the smaller tool in addition to small bloosams can also be used for making detail on your modelled figures.
  • SCALLOP AND COMB TOOL: used to hollow out,cut a scalloped edge, cut circular holes, emboss mouth shapes and for making details on modelled figures. Comb end is used to mark dotted lines to represent stitching or score parallel lines or add texture.
  • SERRATED AND TAPER CONES: used for creating centerpieces and opening out deeper trumpeted flowers.It is also ideal for creating marzipan fruits. the serrated cone can be used to emboss a star pattern or to mark division in flowers.
  • STAR CONE TOOL: used to emboss small star patterns or to mark division in tubular flowers. The patterning that it create also make nice centres to flowers.
  • BULBOUS CONE AND ROLLED EDGE TOOL: both ends are used to hollow and shape followers. the bulbous cone is also used to create a smooth frill for garrett frills as well as shaping deeper frilly flowers. the other end can be used as an intersection tool to fix your extra pieces onto your marzipan figures.
  • FLOWER SHAPER/DRESDEN TOOL: used for fine detail. the thinner end has a sharp back which is perfect for drawing veins on leaves and flowers as well as for cutting around stencils. the thicker end is softer and more rounded and is ideal for frilling flower and leaves.


The avanti fondant modelling tool set is specially designed to get a professional finish on your cake and sweet creations. They make easy work of creating and bringing to life flowers, leaves, petals, figurines and various other sweet creations. create intricate details or simply patterns. The tool are ideal for use with wide range of edible and non edible materials, including rolled fondant, gum paste, marzipan or craft clays.