Avanti Mini Fondant Rolling Pin

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Product Overview

Avanti Mini Fondant Rolling Pin





  1. Roll out fondant or gum paste on a non stick surface or sprinkle corn flour/icing sugar on surface and on rolling pin to prevent sticking.
  2. use rolling pin by itselfor slip a guide ring on each endto roll to icing to desired thickness.
  • use pink guide ring for 1.5mm thickness
  • use purple guide rings for 3mm thickness.


  • 230mm in length*28mm in diameter
  • non-stick rolling surface
  • supplied with two sets of thickness guide
  • made from silicon material
  • easy to clean with warm soapy water


The Avanti Mini Rolling pin is perfect for creating icing of the optimum thickness for easy cutting and shaping. it's suitable for use with roll fondants,royal icing, gum paste, marzipan, dough and non edible craft clays.the non stick  surfaceof rolling pin minimise the use of dusting material which in turn maintain the color when used on fondant icing. it comes complete with two sets of thickness guide rings which remove the guess work and ensure even results every time.

 The rolling pinis easy to handle and it is just the right size for prepairing small amounts of fondant to place on your cake.