Cake Frame - Starter Kit

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Product Overview

Cake Frame - Starter Kit

CakeFrame is a simple to use rod and joint system, made from a very strong polystyrene based plastic, which is both food grade and dishwasher safe.
When adding cake to your structure you can either, stack, fill and cover as you go, or decorate separately and add a finished cake to the structure.
CakeFrame doesn’t just have to be for carved novelty cakes either! What better way to ensure that your tiered wedding cake gets to its destination in one piece, than with the structural support of CakeFrame?

This starter kit includes the following:
1 x 10″ Round Base Board
1 x 6″ Round Platform
1 x 4″ Round Platform
2 x Single Angled Joint
2 x Elbow Joint
6 x Connector
12 x Baking Cap
4 x Collar
2 x Lock Nut
4 x 10cm Long Rod
2 x 5cm Medium Rod
2 x 2.5cm Small Rod
1 x Long Foundation
1 x Short Foundation
2 x Collared Adaptor. 
2 x Plain Adaptor.