Edible Cake Paint by Sweet Sticks 50ml - Rose Gold

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Edible Cake Paint by Sweet Sticks 50ml - Rose Gold



Edible Art Paint is your answer to decorating your next dessert. With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients, Edible Art Paint can paint, dry and be rub free on almost anything - and quickly! 

Can be used on: 

- Fondant
- Buttercream 
- Royal icing
- Sugar cookies
- Marshmallows
- Gold Leaf
- Deco Magic
- Chocolate
- Candy melts
- Confectionery
- Ganache
- Modelling chocolate
...and more!

Edible Art Paint can be applied using a range of different sized brushes for detail work or can be applied using a sponge or sponge brush for larger areas. Sponge work is great on buttercream, fondant and royal icing. 

Bottles are 50ml in size and ready to use straight away. No need to thin out or mix with any other ingredient. Once used, it dries in a flash and the pigment is sealed within the surface - no dust or smudges! A cake decorator's dream!