Edible EPSON Printer Ink 100ml - BLACK

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Edible EPSON Printer Ink 100ml - BLACK


Our Bake and Deco Edible EPSON Printer Ink is perfect for refilling your own Edible Ink Reservoir.


Print edible images onto icing sheets, chocolate transfer sheets as well as wafer paper. Our high quality ink made in Italy ensures a vibrant, intense and brilliant colour on your edible creations. 

 Our refill bottles contain 100ml of EPSON edible ink. 

 Colour Range: Cyan, Magneta, Black and Yellow.   

  Ingredients: Water, Humectant: E422,

Colouring: E151,E122, E133, E102, E110, 

  Acidifier: E330. Preserver: E202 



 - Your printer MUST be dedicated to use of only Edible Printing.   

  - Your edible ink printer MUST exclusively use only edible printing inks. 

** Do not use printer for Edible Printing if you have already used it with regular printing inks. ** 




 - Protect from Sunlight - Store and use between 18C - 25C.

 - Keep out of reach of children.

 - Only use for food colouring - do not eat or drink directly.

 - If consumed directly - Consult a Doctor immediately.