Gold Cold Glaze 500g - Ready To Go

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Gold Cold Glaze 500g - Ready To Go


Our Gold Cold Glaze provides a sparkling and glamorous coating to your cakes. Along with its gorgeous, glittery appearance, it seals the cakes and provides a longer shelf life. And best of all, it also has a fabulous taste.

Even after days on display or stored in the fridge, your cakes will look like they have just been covered. Glazes minimise moisture loss and offer a long-lasting shine.

Bake and Deco Gold Cold Glaze is stable for the freeze-thaw process and can also easily be applied to all kinds of cakes, muffins, and donuts as well as many other desserts and ice creams. The uses and potential are boundless!

Our Gold Cold Glaze is gluten free and has no animal by-products.