Raised Fondant Embosser - Happy Easter

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Raised Fondant Embosser - Happy Easter


Design becomes raised when used on fondant creating a pretty floral pattern that can be painted or left as is!




Plate Dimensions : 7.5cm x 7.5cm


1.Roll your fondant out to approx 3mm, use rolling pin guides to make sure you get an even spread



2. If your fondant is too wet or fresh leave it to sit a few minutes to prevent it getting stuck in the finer details. You can also dust your fondant lightly with cornflour or icing sugar.



3. Apply pressure to all four corners and the middle of the plate



4. Pull the plate up slowly with the handle to reveal your beautiful design. 



If you find when you’ve pulled the plate off you dont have an even amount of detail start again, it can sometimes take a few tries to see how your fondant will work with the plate. 



Then you can paint your detail or leave it as is! 



Please always wash your tools before using them in warm soapy water, never in a dishwasher as this can lead to warping and damage the products. Always allow it to dry 100% before using it to avoid fondant getting stuck in the spots that are not dry.