Chain 4pc Silicone Mold

Chain Mold, Chains Mold, Chain Mould
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Product Overview

Chain 4pc Silicon Mold

Our molds will make any cake decorating project easy and simple! Just add gum or flower paste, cut away any excess and pop straight out.

They are made from premium quality, food grade, non-stick silicone that can be used with gum paste, chocolate and more. For easy removal, use a tiny bit of cake release spray and then remove from the mould by gently

squeezing the sides and peeling away.

 Using the mold is simple:

Firstly brush it with a little cornflour to stop your paste from sticking, then push your paste firmly into the mold. Once your paste has set, gently remove it from the mold to reveal your design.

To speed up the setting process, try placing the mold in your freezer for a few minutes after pushing your paste into it.

After your design has set, why not customize it using edible lustre dusts, sparkle dusts or edible markers and paint.

Total Dimensions: 13.5cm *8cm*1cm