Creative Edible Pearlescent Dust By Katherine Sabbath

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Product Overview

Creative Cake Decorating Pearlescent Dust 4g

Let the Creative Pearlescent Lustre add a touch of glamour to your creations!

These premium grade filler-free pearlescent lustres offer supreme coverage and are brilliant for dusting, painting and chocolate application.

For maximum results we suggest combining with decorators alcohol/rose spirit and painting on, then using a large brush to buff over the dry lustre. You can also dust with dry lustre, or use in an airbrush for a seamless finish. The Metallic range is recommended for decorative purposes to achieve an amazing jewel like finish.

Size: 4 grams net

  • Designed specifically for sheen andlustre.

  • Dust with dry powder, dilute with decorator’s alcohol to hand paint or airbrush.

  • 100% edible.  Gluten, dairy and peanut free.

  • Contain no fillers.  This prevents thecolours splitting and streaking.