Fabric Texture Sheets Set of 6

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Product Overview

Fabric Texture Sheets Set of 6

Recreate a range of much loved fabric designs using our Fabric Pattern Texture Sheets.

Emboss your handbag cakes, or create unique fabric patterns for cake models and toppers using the Fabric Pattern Texture Sheets by Autumn Carpenter.

The texture sheets include a range of designs including hounds tooth, stripes, plaid and diamond patterns.

The texture sheets can be used to emboss a wide variety of different mediums including sugarpaste/fondant, modelling paste, flower paste, modelling chocolate, crusted buttercream, gingerbread and marzipan as well as some non-edible mediums. We would recommend kneading florist and modelling paste well before using the texture sheets as this will make it easier to emboss.

The texture sheets are made from food grade plastic that is durable yet flexible allowing you reuse them over and over again.

How to use:

1. Lightly spray the texture sheet with cooking oil and wipe off any excess.

2. Dust your work surface with corn flour and roll your fondant to approximately 1/8” thick. Use the Pastry Rulers to make this easier.

3. Roll the fondant over the impression mat, then remove the mat from the fondant and cut your fondant as required.

The texture sheets can also be used with chocolate. Simply melt your chocolate and pour over your texture sheet. Leave it set and then gently removes the texture sheet, taking care as the sheet may stick to the chocolate. Another way would be to pour melt chocolate over your cake then wrap the texture sheet around the cake and leave it to set.

To clean, hand wash in warm soapy water after use. 

Not dishwasher safe.

Texture sheets measure approximately 10” x 7”.