Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Bean

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Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Bean


  • 10 Grade A Vanilla Beans - hand selected with finest curing process, vacuum sealed for freshness
  • These high-quality vanilla pods are 6-8 inches long, plump, oily, black/dark brown, 30-35% moist
  • Use for cooking, desserts, beverages and ice cream. Rich in taste and smell; strong vanilla aroma
  • Ethically sourced and grown by Papua New Guinea (PNG) micro-farmer cooperative



Madagascar Vanilla Bean





Store the fresh vanilla beans in a tightly sealed airtight container, preferably a glass jar. Keep them away from heat and in a dark place such as a pantry or dark cabinet. Do not refrigerate the beans because this can cause them to mold. Once you split the vanilla pods open with a knife or kitchen scissors and scrape out the vanilla seeds, put the leftover pods in sugar to make vanilla sugar.