'Groom' - Acrylic Raised Embosser

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'Groom' - Acrylic Raised Embosser


Approx. size: 7.2cm x 7.5cm x 0.1cm


How to Use Your 3D Raised Debosser/Embosser

1. With the etched side up, lightly dust pre-rolled fondant with cornflour and place it over your debosser. Using a rolling pin, roll the fondant over the top in one smooth motion. This will push the fondant into the design, leaving it perfectly raised.
2. Gently peel the fondant away and place it on your bench. Use a cookie cutter to cut around the design. Lightly brush your cookie with water, then carefully transfer the cut fondant to your cookie.
3. Now that your cookie is looking amazing, you can easily paint or decorate the raised design. It's as easy as that!