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Isomalt Crystals  - Bake and Deco

Directions: Melt Isomalt in microwave on high in a heat resistant container, stir regularly while heating. 

Isomalt is ready to use when it has become liquid and water clear. if Your Isomalt is liquid but cloudy continue to microwave and stir.


Caution: this product is extremely hot, be careful around children.

Isomalt is a natural sweetener, and an excellent sugar substitute. It has sugar-like physical properties, can be used in a 1:1 ratio for granulated sugar, and provides the taste, texture and half the calories of sugar. Isomalt is a low digestible carbohydrate made from beet sugar. It may be suitable for individuals needing to control their blood glucose and insulin levels, or for lower calorie, healthier recipe alternatives.

Isomalt is perfect for sugar pulling and casting of all your sweet decorations (flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc...). It offers a higher resistance to humidity and stays flexible longer than regular sugar. There is no need for stabilizing acids. Isomalt creates a superior shine and will not crystallize like sugar. Isomalt does not get any coloration until reaching 190°C / 375°F. Isomalt can be colored like any usual sugar.

INGREDIENTS:Sugar beet sweetner E935