Lustre Dust Pearl Gold 5g

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Product Overview

Introducing our exquisite Pearl Gold Food Lustre Dust - a stunning addition to any baker or chef's culinary arsenal. This luxurious, high-quality dust is perfect for adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to your desserts, pastries, chocolates, and more.

Crafted with only the finest gold pigment, our lustre dust boasts a rich, vibrant hue that shimmers beautifully in the light. It's incredibly versatile, allowing you to create a wide range of effects from subtle highlights to bold, eye-catching accents. Plus, it's completely edible and safe for consumption.

Whether you're decorating a wedding cake, adding a touch of glam to cupcakes, or elevating the presentation of a gourmet dessert, our Pearl Gold Food Lustre Dust is the perfect finishing touch. So indulge your culinary creativity and give your creations the golden touch they deserve with our premium lustre dust.

Size: 5 grams

Particle Size:5 -25 µm

Ingredints: E172,129,E133