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Product Overview

Introducing our exquisite Orange Colored Food Lustre Dust, a culinary gem that captures the rich hues of a fine soft Orange and brings a touch of elegance to your edible creations. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication as you discover the transformative power of this mesmerizing powder.

Our Orange Colored Food Lustre Dust embodies the deep and luscious shades reminiscent of a perfectly aged Orange. Its velvety texture and captivating color create a visual masterpiece that enhances the allure of your cakes, chocolates, and desserts.

Crafted for passionate home bakers and professional chefs alike, our Orange Colored Food Lustre Dust is a testament to exceptional quality and versatility

Size: 5 grams

Particle Size:10 -60 µm

Ingredints: E172,E129,E133