Mesh Cake Stencil - New York Skyline

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Mesh Cake Stencil - New York Skyline




Width: 41.5cm

Height: 12.5cm


Why Are Mesh Stencils So Good?


There are so many reasons why these superior stencils will make your life easier, but here are just a few.


Mesh stencils allow you to create your design without it being too thick. Traditional stencils, when used with royal icing, leave a design that is raised up from your cake, but with the mesh stencils, you get a very fine, crisp, clean design, providing a much better look and finish.


When using traditional stencils, royal icing can sometimes bleed around your stencil design, making the finish slightly blurred or smudged. With the mesh stencils you won’t have any of this. These stencils are much easier to pin and hold and when pushing the royal icing through the mesh, you are left with a pristine design. This will save you time as there is no need to touch up your design.


When you create your design, you will get a beautiful, fine finish, which also means it will dry faster than using a normal stencil, meaning you can get on with the rest of your decorating in double quick time!


What Decorating Mediums Can I Use On A Mesh Stencil?


Mesh stencils work best with royal icing but you can also use piping gel (mixed with a lustre dust of your choice to get that colour and shine), cocoa powder and icing sugar. If you are looking for a metallic finish, mix some metallic dust with vodka or rejuvenator spirit, then mix that with some clear piping gel to thicken the mixture, then apply to the stencil as you would royal icing. The only thing we would not recommend is airbrushing. Whilst it will work, you will get a very faint finish.


How Do I Take Care Of A Mesh Stencil?


To clean, hand wash in warm water until clean & dab dry.