Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder 40g


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Product Overview

Fresh As BLUEBERRY Powder 40g

40g of Blueberry Powder = 250g real fruit.

Fresh As is a small, quality driven company based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Fresh As have been providing freeze dried ingredients to the highest echelon of chefs throughout the world since 2006.
The gourmet retail range has proven to be hugely popular in kitchens around the globe. These ingredients add flavour, texture and crunch to any dish or dessert.
Fresh As selects the ripest fruit, freeze dries and then powders it to produce a 100% pure, no additives powder that is intensely flavoured.
Add powder to smoothies, cake icings, panna cotta or brulee mix and macarons.
100% natural, made in NZ from local ingredients.