Natural Food Colour - MAGIC COLOURS 32g (DC)

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Natural Food Colour - MAGIC COLOURS 32g


Magic Colours range of Natural Food Colours are a fantastic substitute to standard gel colours when you are after an all natural food colour. All of Magic Colours Natural colours are made of 100% natural pigments derived from vegetable origin. Because of this, the natural range of colours are vegan as well.


Magic Colours Natural Food Colour are suitable for colouring small quantities of fondant, modelling paste, white chocolate, royal icing and more. As they are a natural food colour they produce a gentle pastel shade. They are also ideal for painting on dry sugar paste. As the colours are genuinely natural, they may be affected by various conditions such as high temperature, direct light (UV as well), humidity, acidity of the product you want to colour and more.


- Keep refridgerated after opening.

- Keep away from heat and light.

- Consume within 45 days of opening.

- Shake well before use.