Plastic Chocolate Mold-3D Chocolate House

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Plastic Chocolate Mold-3D Chocolate House

Make Great Testing and Professional looking Cakes,Cupcakes,Chocolate and other Confectionary using our high quality food grade Plastic chololate Mold

This is a nice deep mould which is perfect for making large solid chocolates 

A very easy to use mould, with the end result a wonderful Chocolate house with gabled roof.

Make up the mould twice, then join all the pieces together with melted chocolate.

Coloured white chocolate can be used to decorate the finer features of the house, such as window shutters, planter boxes and brick work.


Front and Rear Walls 10 x 10.5 cm - 50g

Roof Sides 10 x 6.5 cm - 30 g

Sides Walls 9 .5 x 7 cm - 40 g

Chimney  8 g

Bushes 5 g