Sugar Decorations - Baby Sneakers Blue

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Sugar Decorations - Baby Sneakers Blue



Kick boring cupcakes to the curb and place these adorable Baby Booties Sneakers on top of your creations. Perfect for Baby Showers or Birthdays, these edible ready-made by fondant shoes offer a way of decorating cupcakes hassle free for both professional and amateur decorators. Add a unique touch to your cupcakes that everyone is sure to love!



*Please Note* Due to the fragile nature of cured gumpaste, these sugar decorations are relatively fragile. Please handle with care when opening and adjusting after opening.





Due to the fragile nature of gumpaste and the thin details of particular sugar decorations, breakage can occur during shipping. We continue to work on improving our packaging and shipping procedures, but we are aware that not all sugar decorations will arrive perfectly.

If you have received a box that is beyond repair or beyond being able to work with any of the components, please contact us at within 48 hours of receiving your item with an explanation, a photo attachment of the damage, and an invoice number. We will respond within 1-2 business days with a remedy to fix the situation.