Trigger Ice Cream Scoop - 5cm


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Trigger Ice Cream Scoop - 5cm


Made from tough stainless steel is Ideal for dishing out frozen goodness. Perfect for creating consistent uniform portions quickly try using a scoop to portion cookies pancakes muffins or drop biscuits ravioli filling or chicken salad to shape meatballs and mashed potatoes to create classic summertime melon balls. The possibilities may just actually be endless. The Trigger Scoop makes large round scoops of ice cream and deposits them with a simple press of the lever.. Heavy-duty with restaurant-quality mechanics Avanti scoops are made from showy corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Dishwasher safe and hassle-free.. Size - 5 cm

   For over 20 years Avanti has been creating the brand of choice for culinary professionals, serious amateurs and home cooks alike