BLANK Chocolate Transfer Sheets 50 pack

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Product Overview

BLANK Chocolate Transfer Sheets 50 pack


Chocolate Transfer Sheet printing is a fun and creative way to transfer color images to chocolate. This pack includes 50 chocolate transfer sheets (unprinted), so you can print your own designs using an Inkedibles edible ink printer. Simply feed these sheets into your edible ink printer (same as you would feed ordinary paper into the printer). Then get your image on your PC ready for print, and change the print settings so that you print the mirror image to the transfer sheet with your edible inks. Now that you have your image printed to the transfer sheet, you are ready to have the image transferred to chocolate by either: (1) Inserting the transfer sheet into a chocolate transfer mold (in the case that you are making special pre-molded chocolate shapes), or (2) Simply pour melted chocolate over the transfer sheet, wait for it to cool, and then peel the chocolate off.

Transportation and storage:
1. Store your unused transfer sheets in a cool dry place. 
2. Keep out of direct sunlight.
3. Handle gently - do not stress or bend the sheets.
5. Do not freeze. 

Best Temperature for your chocolate:
28 degrees C-33 degrees C (Temperature of Melted Chocolate to be applied to the sheets) 
23 degrees C-28 degrees C (Temperature of Workbench)




Modified Corn Starch(E-1422), Sugar, Water,Maltodextrin,Potato Starch,Gum Arabic(E-414),Glycerin(E-422),Polysorbate 60(E-435)

We recommend using Canon printers if you are planning to do edible ink printing for chocolate transfer purposes.