LOVE With Paw Print - Square Embosser Cutter

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Product Overview

LOVE With Paw Print - Square Embosser Cutter

Show your furry family member just how much you love them with these easy to use embosser cutters.

Perfect tool to make your loved one there favorite doggy biscuit treats.  

Our detailing embossers will allow you create wonderful 3D visuals on your fondant, gum paste and modelling chocolate.

How to use

1. Roll out desired medium to approximately 3mm -5mm thick.

2. Place embosser on top of medium and press.

3. Lift embosser to reveal pattern and place on cookie.

Note: Do not place cookies with fondant in air tight container, they will sweat.

Cutter Size: 65mm x 65mm x 10mm

**Cleaning Instructions: Wash in soapy warm water  **Do NOT use in Dishwasher**